As a leading transport provider of bulk dangerous goods in Australia, Pure Haul provides a range of bespoke logistics services for our partners. Our diverse fleet emphasises the Pure Haul commitment to providing our clients the “best fit” solution for their individual requirements. Pure Haul utilises modern day technology that fits the purpose to reduce unwarranted expense for our partners with reliability and cost savings, making Pure Haul unique to their competitors. With the ability to accommodate a variety of movements from rigid loads to triple road trains Pure Haul is a complete one stop shop.

Pure Haul have employed some of the best minds in transport and logistic solutions, the operations management team combined, have over 130 years’ worth of experience. It’s is fair to say, that there isn’t much this team hasn’t seen or done before. The Pure Haul team areindustry specialists in the transportation of both compressed and liquid hydrogen which is a very niche market.

Whilst the Head Office is based in Brisbane, Pure Haul have additional capacity to operate in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Northern Queensland the business has multiple strongholds and capabilities to service the high varying demands of the Eastern Coast.

Our core values of Safety, Accountability, Innovation, Honesty and Commitment ensure that we continue to operate safely, with high levels of compliance at all touch points. At Pure Haul we value our customers, partners and team without compromising our safety obligation to them and the communities in which we operate.


Our mission is to lead the industry in safety, compliance and logistical solutions. Whilst continuing to value our people, customers and partnerships.


To become the largest green energy logistics solutions provider to all businesses Australia wide

Our Values



Our commitment to innovation and technology is what we believe will keep our business at the forefront of the hydrogen logistics sector.


We encourage and drive our people to be accountable for their actions. Having a culture of accountability drives business improvements and empowers our team to identify process improvements.


We are dedicated to providing a safe operating environment for our our people, customers and members of the public. Our commitment to safety will never be compromised as safety is at the core of everything we do.


We are committed to our people, customers and members of the public. This commitment means that Pure Haul will do everything within our ability to deliver the expected results to our customers whilst being safe and compliant at all times.


Operating morally, ethically and with integrity is what makes our people special, honesty towards each other and our customers builds strong relationships.

Providing first class logistics services Australia Wide.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about an upcoming project or movement then please click the contact us button and someone will be in touch shortly.