Fleet & Technology


We are proud of the Pure Haul fleet and the operator’s commitment to maintenance and presentation is remarkable. Our fleet is made up of metro and linehaul vehicles all specified to the dangerous goods code. Pure Haul can design bespoke vehicles to meet any customers’ requirements, and this is something we pride ourselves on.

Pure Haul operate a wide variety of fleet, which gives them to flexibility and adaptability to respond and cater to our customers requirements. Pure Haul will always work to find the right fit for the job allowing maximum payload while reducing cost to sever to our customers. Pure Hauls procurement team will always source the best vehicles at the best price which aligned with all major heavy vehicle suppliers.


Pure Haul have invested heavily in technology and systems, we are always looking to improve, expand and develop in order to stay at the forefront of technological advances to improve overall customer experiences. Currently, one of our systems technology capabilities can alert customers that our drivers are on route with an approx. ETA of their delivery window thus allowing adequate time for the customer to prepare receival of their delivery and reducing the down time of the vehicle onsite.

Our systems technology also have the following features:

Full GPS integration
Sign on glass
Immediate email or printed proof of delivery dockets
Comprehensive customer delivery instructions
Storage for all customer site inductions and other critical documentation

Providing first class logistics services Australia Wide.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about an upcoming project or movement then please click the contact us button and someone will be in touch shortly.