At Pure Haul safety is our number one priority. We don’t just say it, we live it, through our people, processes and behaviours. Every member of the team values the safety culture that has been built and understands the company’s commitment to returning each of them home safely every day to their families. We also understand our obligations to our customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.

All Pure Haul vehicles are fitted with he latest in telematics software enabling the operations team to oversee the safety of all operators. The telematics allows us to coach non-compliant driving behaviours and monitor driver fatigue this is just one of the safe guards that Pure Haul have implemented to reduce our exposure and potential of an incident.

In addition, these vehicles are also fitted with retina scanning devices which measure any early warning signs of fatigue in the drivers. This then alerts the driver and the operations team of potential fatigue events allowing adequate time for actions to be taken to avoid a fatigue related incident.

All Pure Haul drivers undergo in cab assessments every 6 months by qualified driver trainers to help identify any bad behaviours the operators may have picked up. Given the number of kilometres the operators travel in a year Pure Haul have identified that bi annual assessments are required rather than the standard 12 or 24-month industry standard.

Everyone who works for Pure Haul understands thatdrugs and alcohol have harmful effects on your ability to perform your tasks to the level required. Random drug and alcohol testing take place regularly at all depots.

At Pure Haul safety is notan option it’s a condition of employment, we only have the best and we are proud of it.